Skype 8 Electron tutorial

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Dear friends, I’m very happy to know that someone has shared my tutorial regarding the use of Skype Electron.

The matter of fact is that I have recorded it in August last year.

Now I have plan to update it because since then, there have been a lot of changes!

Please give me your feedback if it is beneficial for you people!

If so, then please let me know that what are the things should I add in it to make it more comprehensive and beneficial!

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Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] Where can I get skype version of 7.4 from?


here's an audio tutorial on using Skype 8 from our friend Inamuddin:!AgOD5ADJNwvqhd4OvRPlj349OECuag

to save the tutorial for listening to it later:
navigate to the "same page link, skype electron... .wma..., private" and
do not press enter but press the application key or shift+f10,
down arrow to and enter on the download  command. this should pop up a
standard "save as" dialog.
the cursor will be at the end of the default filename for the recording.
tab to and space bar on the save button.

this should work using Chrome and Firefox, and probably Internet Explorer.