Hello All I need help to find and get to contact list window !!

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Hello All,
I need some help right away because I don't know what's happen to contact list window when I was on skype thursday evening I was on contact list window to find this person on line then I was chatting with him then when I got through chatting with this person I press esc key to close his window conservation window then contact list with name not show back up at all !! I try to fix the problem trying to get contact list window on yesterday and this morning(saturday) I'm getting frustated with it and still not able to get to contact list window to see who is on line !! I have try everything ,Can anyone help me please? I'm using skype 6.1.8 with jaws 15 !!

O. Addison Gethers

oag1rotttie at hotmail.com

oag1rottie at hotmail.com
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