Fw: Important ??? new Microsoft Services Agreement & Privacy Statement for Skype

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Yes this is legit. I got that one tonight also and verified that the
URL is on, then I read through the agreement.

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is this legit?

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Important - new Microsoft Services Agreement & Privacy Statement for
When Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011, we brought together our
communication technologies to help you stay closer to friends, family
and colleagues. And, if you're like millions of other people who use a
number of Microsoft's services (for example, for email,
Bing, Xbox, Office 365, etc.) we're making life a little easier for
everyone. How? Well, most of Microsoft's consumer services are being
brought together under a single Microsoft Services Agreement and a
consolidated Microsoft Privacy Statement.
We'll be moving from Skype's current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to
the new Microsoft Services Agreement and the Microsoft Privacy
Statement on August 1, 2015.
Do you need to do anything? These are important documents and we
encourage you to read them by navigating to the links at the bottom of
this email. By continuing to use Skype after August 1, 2015, you agree
to these updated terms. Should you disagree, simply discontinue using
Skype or cancel your subscription before then. If you are a parent or
guardian, you are responsible for your child's or teenager's use of
Skype, including purchases.

Here are the highlights:

Many of our customers use more than one Microsoft service, and have
agreed to a number of terms and privacy policies. To make it easier to
use multiple services, we've brought together these documents into a
single services agreement and a consolidated privacy statement that
cover most of our consumer services.
Our longstanding commitment to privacy has not changed. We remain
dedicated to protecting your data, being clear about how we use it, and
putting you in control. For example, we do not use the contents of your
email, chat, video calls, documents, photos, or voice messages to
target advertising to you. And as you'll see when you read the privacy
statement, we offer a range of tools that enable you to make decisions
about what data we collect. Additionally, we have launched a [5]new
privacy dashboard that makes it easier for you to make choices about
how we use your data.
We're using straightforward language so our terms of use and privacy
statement are easier to understand. In addition, we've put key privacy
information all in one place, so you no longer have to jump between
several documents to understand the big picture. While this
consolidation eliminates redundancies and simplifies the structure of
the information, we continue to provide service-specific details to
allow you to make informed choices about how you use our services.
We've also added some additional privacy information about new features
and functionality we'll soon roll out, like those you'll see on Windows

For more detail on the changes, see the links below:
[6]Microsoft Services Agreement
[7]Microsoft Privacy Statement
[8]Frequently Asked Questions


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I got it in Italian only today, better late than never we can say!.. Lol!..
Of course, mine was translated into italian, but.. Here we go..