Frustrated with my return to Skype

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Hi, I would suggest you go fresh on your skype. First, unload skype. then, go to run by pressing windows key R. In the run box, type %appdata% and press enter.
It should open a folder in which your program settings are save. go to skype folder, and delete all the data inside.

Now launch skype again and you should be ask to sign in. Enter your skypename and password, and sign in. Now you will have to set everything as skype would behave like a new installation without your previous data.

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Subject: [Skypeenglish] Frustrated with my return to Skype

I haven't used Skype for quite a while now, so I downloaded the latest version of the Skype web site and installed the latest scripts (October, 2015) from Doug's site. Here's what's going on:

1. I'm running Skype under JAWS 16 and when I installed the scripts to the JAWS 16 folder per the installation program, they appear to have compiled correctly. At least, the file dates on the .jsb files are as of the date I installed everything.

2. I didn't install to JAWS 17, although I have the beta installed, because there's a fairly significant bug with respect to the placement of scripts that I've reported and that will be fixed (hopefully) in the next beta release.

3. My previous Skype settings appear to have been saved *somewhere*. At least, my list of contacts is there, as were my sound settings, etc.

4. When I attempt to make a test call to echo123, I receive the ring tone and the call seems to be picked up, but I can't quite understand what's being said *and* the call is terminated within less than three seconds. I am not given the opportunity to record a test message.

5. When I look up the test message contact and attempt to add it to my personal list of contacts, it is never added. The item says "selected" when focus is on it and I press the Applications key and choose "Add to Contacts" but the item is never added.

Does anybody have any thoughts? Right now, I'm dead in the water as far as using Skype is concerned and will appreciate any and all help. Thanks in advance.

Walt Smith - Clearwater, FL
ka3agm at

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