For Windows users: sharing a file using Skype from context menu

Michele Barbi

Hi guys,

I am not sure if this was the list were we talked about this topic but if not I think this info could be useful for someone.

It is now possible to share a file via Skype starting from the context menu of the file in Windows explorer, especially if you have latest 8.58 Skype version. The difference as compared to the past is that now the menu voice is not inside "SendTo submenu", you just have an option called "Share with Skype" inside the context menu, just press enter on it an you'll get a box where you have to search for the contact to whom you want to send it.

I am taking advantage to test the correct behaviour of this list, I am having some issues since this morning with other lists on this server using this account. Please write me off list at barbi.michele@... and let me know if you were able to read this message.



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