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Sarah k Alawami

Hello to all. We now have a new sub group. I'll be making this post sticky on the forum page so that all new members can see it. I've also make it where members can dl the archives of the list.

the subgroup can be found by going to groups.io's home page then clicking your groups, then clicking "skype english" then click the at sign, you will need to use your screen reader's find function for this. After this,
find the sub group's section and follow the directions for subscribing. I got the idea from another list I'm on. And it's a good one. Just follow the rules in the description and you will be ok.


Sarah Alawami, owner of TFFP. . For more info go to our website. This is also our libsyn page as well. For stuff we sell, mac training materials and  tutorials go here. and for hosting options go here to subscribe to the feed click here

Our telegram channel is also a good place for an announce only in regard to podcasts, contests, etc.

Finally, to become a patron and help support the podcast go here I heard the fitbit is not blind friendly, no. Or I would have gotten one. I know some blind people who use it, but not sure how.