a question regarding skype and teams

Sarah k Alawami

Some of my students have switched to teams due to company policy, their company not the one I work for. They are not aloud to use personal skype on their systems to make personal accounts, which puts me in an odd situation.

I'm expected to stay in touch with these students, which I can via voice, (I have no idea how teams and skype can still talk via voice) but I cannot communicate with them via chat. They don't see any of my messages and I don't see any of theirs. So is there a way to make this work with those restrictions, that being:

  1. No personal skype on the system
  2. No business skype on the system
  3. No personal skype accounts aloud, just teams.
  4. I must use skype and not teams

Or am I kind of SOL?

From A frustrated worker!

Blessings and happy Sunday

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