Locked Sticky A perhaps ironic thing to say, but, a new way to find me...

Doug Lee

For a long time, this has been the best place to find me for Skype script and even NVDA add-on support for Skype products, which include Skype for Windows Desktop, Skype UWP for Windows 10 though I haven't kept up so well
with that one, and Skype For Business (SFB), formerly known as Microsoft Lync.

This is still true, but the alternatives to this list are changing; and I thought I should announce this here in case it still affects anyone.

For years, I have maintained a Twitter project announcement and support account, @dlee_code. That account remains but is no longer preferred as a means of contacting me.

And now to the reason I said this message could be considered ironic:

My new preferred point of text-based contact for project support is Telegram. That would be a Skype competitor lol.

Here's how it works:

If you don't have Telegram and don't want it, you can view my project update announcements, for all my public projects including Skype-related ones, at https://t.me/s/dlee_code

The slightly shorter URL https://t.me/dlee_code will let you join my Telegram channel for project updates. That's still a view-only channel (well ok, that's what "channel" means on Telegram), but there's a link on that screen
(in Telegram) or page (in your browser) for a discussion group. If you join that group, you can talk back to me about projects I'm working on. Please keep any messages there related to projects of mine. The direct link for
joining that group is a bit messier: https://t.me/joinchat/OUU9GRieXgkcDYYdSXeGGQ

As for accessible Telegrams:
* The native iOS Telegram app works well enough with VoiceOver for sending and receiving messages, in my experience.
* The Unigram Windows Store app works well enough on Windows, and I have JAWS scripts for that one at https://www.dlee.org/unigram/
* I'm told that Telegram is decent on Android, but I don't have more specifics on that except that I also hear the explore-by-touch is often necessary to use it.

Other useful references:

My https://www.dlee.org/contact/ page is the official guide on how to contact me for various things.

My main website at https://www.dlee.org is the best place to find a current list of my public projects, of which there are currently about 40.

And finally, no, I am definitely not leaving Skype or abandoning the scripts for it. :-) Skype just doesn't offer me the sort of configuration I want for project-related communications, and Twitter has raised sufficient
concerns in my mind to make me move away from using it for this purpose - though my project update Telegram posts are currently also automatically posting to my @dlee_code Twitter. A page describing my reasons for this move
from Twitter to Telegram can be found at https://www.dlee.org/twit2tel.htm

Happy Skyping to all.

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"Maturity is knowing that the world owes you nothing. Freedom is knowing you owe it the same. Character is how
you respond to the knowing." --Jack Kincaid