message notification sound problem resolved

Gary Jackson


I found it. I used windows key + i to search settings. searched for notifications and entered on:

Notifications & actions settings

The following option was unchecked and checking it cured it.

Get notifications from apps and other senders Button

On 8/4/2021 4:50 PM, Gary Jackson wrote:


Thanks for the help. I had already checked those settings but figured, well, I couldĀ  have missed something.


On 8/4/2021 4:28 PM, Michele Barbi wrote:
Ok, I figured out that the checkbox which I was referring is already active. I do not know what else to suggest right now...



Michele Barbi

Wow, I did not know about this setting! I think that can be useful to someone else, also because since it's a system setting that can also affect other applications.

For those who need to change this, I verified it myself and I wasn't able to find a notifications cathegory or something like that; what I did was to type notifications in the search edit box.



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