Updates for Microsoft Lync and Skype For Business (SFB) JAWS scripts

Doug Lee

This message concerns the commercial-grade Lync and Skype For Business products, not the consumer-grade Skype products.

Due to a number of folks needing support for older Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync versions, I have spent a fair amount of time setting up three separate script sets for these products. I have no way to test any except
the first one below though, so I would greatly appreciate it if those who run older product versions could help me make sure that I have coded and named these sets correctly.
For example, I'm not sure what product names Microsoft has used (e.g., was there a product called Skype For Business 2015, or just 2016?).

All of these sets can easily be reached from one URL: https://www.dlee.org/sfb/

Here are the sets, with their specific addresses even though they can be reached from the above URL:

Scripts for Skype For Business (SFB) for Office 365: https://www.dlee.org/sfb/365/

Scripts for Skype For Business (SFB) 2016: https://www.dlee.org/sfb/16/

Scripts for Microsoft Lync 2013 and early SFB versions (SFB 2015?): https://www.dlee.org/sfb/15/

Thanks much for any help.

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Michele Barbi

Ok Doug, I admit I never used Skype for business but I installed Office 2013 and so here I am to report what I found.

At first I checked on history of Windows update since I remembered something that I installed in the automatic updates but I did not manage to recall it well. So I opened C:\Program files\Microsoft Office\Office15, and found the file Lync.exe. Launching this file it appeared Skype for business as the window title, and in order to be sure of the correct version, I went to "Show menu button", then question mark submenu, about Skype for business, and figured out that yeah it was Skype for business 2015. I hope that it's useful.



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