Shortcuts to answer and disconnect cals in skype 8.42 and later


Taken from the Whats New in latest JAWS 2019 release:

Easy Access to Answer or Disconnect From a Skype Call Using the Desktop Application Version 8.42 or Higher

In Skype for Desktop 8.42 and later, JAWS or Fusion now provides keystrokes for answering or disconnecting a call from any application as well as moving
focus into the Skype main window. Note that these keystrokes are only available in the Skype for Desktop application. They will not work in the Skype for
Windows 10 universal app from the Microsoft store or the Skype for Business app.

To answer an incoming call, press INSERT+SPACEBAR, y followed by UP ARROW. To disconnect from a call, press INSERT+SPACEBAR, y followed by DOWN ARROW.
To move focus directly into the Skype window, press INSERT+SPACEBAR, Y followed by S.

OZ0TE Jacob

Michele Barbi

Really interesting, thanks for the report.