a strange issue with skype electron scripts in jaws 2018 #admin


Hi all, my name is Gaurav Sharma, and I'm from India.
Introduction aside, I'm facing a really, really weird issue with the skype electron scripts(all revisions, as far as I've tested)
I have JAWS version 2018 1712. the issue is, skype scripts always fail to load. I've tried initializing the scripts, as per the tips given on the scripts guide page, nothing. these scripts used to work fine in jaws 18.0. but now, after I launch skype, and I press insert+q, instead of revision number followed by script version, I get: Google Chrome settings. Skype.exe, S k y p e . e x e.
what can I do to resolve it? fun thing... after installation of these scripts, and restarting jaws, jaws said "reloaded" and right after that, google chrome scripts are loaded. any help would be appreciated, thanks.