Some questions and issues with skype.

terri elliott <terrielliott54@...>

I am writing on behalf of a friend who has the latest version of Skype on his window’s 10 computer. Whenever I call him using his Skype phone number there is allot of distortion that I am hearing on my end. If he is using his microphone on his desk where his pc is that is where the distortion is coming from. We have been disconnected from Skype because of all of the distortion that is taking place. If he has his microphone on his coffee table I can’t hear all of the distortion that happens when he is sitting on his desk.

The other thing that I’d like to ask about is this. Yesterday I was listening to some music that he wanted to share with me. It was coming through with no problem. When he wanted me to hear another song later that same day I wasn’t able to hear any audio as previously mentioned. Jaws wasn’t there and neither was the music that he was trying to let me hear. He put his headphones on and I was able to hear Jaws and the music coming through the headphones although it was very low in volume. When he switched it over to his speaker from his headphones Jaws was back and so was the audio music. We are wondering if it his speakers are keeping the audio from coming through or is it something else? Thanks for any help with these Skype issues that I have written you all about.

Terri Elliott