Problem with Juao fixed. Was. Re: Skype 7.4 for Windows, with news about Facebook...

skypeenglish at (João Nuno Antunes via Skypeenglish)...

well, someone give me the instaler of skype 6.3, gonna stic for it, because
I can't read my contacts with any screen reader. I just upgraded to skype
7.4 yesterday... I press ctrl + 1 to my contact list, but I can't see them
I'm using windows xp, jaws 14, 32 bit. at the same time, I can see my
contacts signing through skype talking, but I can't read the list. barbus
tryed to help me through a jaws tanden session, but no results. if it's
facebook's falt, this is totaly stupid!
if anyone want add me my skype is joao.nuno9
many thanks.

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