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I see that when I change time zones on my computer while chatting. I
believe the messages physically order themselves on screen oddly as
well in that case.

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 11:15:48AM +0100, steve troy via Skypeenglish wrote:
Hi guys

I have encountered my first glitch with skype 7.3.

When i'm in a text conversation with a couple of my contacts, the
message i'm seeing on alt1 isn't the most recent. It's something that
was sent over a week ago. The most recent is on alt2.

In addition, when i've typed my message, and hit enter, jaws will read
the message that is on alt1, not what i've just written.

This has only started happening in the last week.

I'm running windows 7, jaws 16, skype 7.3 and revision 893.

I've ran the uninstaller and reinstalled but still the same.



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