Re: Skype 8.88, date no longer read in messages list

Octavian Rasnita


I just update to this last version of the scripts but I still have the same issue with it, as before.
I've seen that after typing a message in Skype's chat, that text can't be
read using left/right arrows.
JAWS doesn't speak anything when pressing the left or right arrows.
If I press the backspace key, JAWS speaks "T" each time, but not the current
But the text is there and I can select it and deleted if I want to do that.
However I can't review and eventually correct it there.

I use JAWS 2022.2207. And, probably more important, Windows 11.
Is this working for you, or there is something that needs to be done in
order to be able to read the written text?

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Wow, your fix with revision 224 is working! Yay! Thanks a lot!

Only thing is, Google Chrome and also SmartScreen complained about the
file, I just clicked run anyway and it updated the scripts correctly.



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