Re: Missing characters when typing messages in Skype with JAWS

Doug Lee

I haven't noticed any coincidence between spelling corrections and dropped characters, but I have occasionally
noticed dropped characters and have done my best to reduce the frequency of this issue, mostly by suspending
the typing sounds while you are typing into that box. That's why you may notice that the typing sound for the
other person stops for a few seconds every time you start typing at your end.

I don't know specifically why this character loss happens, but I do know these things:

1. The issue applies to multiple Electron-based apps; Skype is an Electron app.

2. The issue is related to how much work JAWS is doing while you type.

3. The loss of characters implies to me that JAWS can lose characters if keyboard events happen faster than
JAWS can process them. Although the newer but not default "unified" keyboard handler may resolve this, I
suspect it would currently create other problems; and I have not tested that theory yet.

On Fri, Apr 01, 2022 at 06:32:19PM +0000, Marco Zehe wrote:
Hi all,


is anyone else noticing dropped characters when typing new messages in
Skype? I am using JAWS 2022.2202.38 and revision 220 of the Skype
scripts. I find this especially noticeable once the first misspelling
has occurred. I use a Braille display in addition to speech. Skype is




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