Re: Providing translations for the Skype scripts

Doug Lee

This question is on topic for this list, I'm sure.

I don't have a specific recommendation on how to distribute, and I'm actually not sure what methods are
currently being used for non-English translations of my various scripts. I've always assumed that translators
are either using websites or Dropbox or a similar means of sharing.

I do have a Skype group chat for translators and I don't see a German contingent in there. If you want in,
small and largely inactive group though it is, send me your Skype username and I can add you.

On Mon, Mar 28, 2022 at 12:20:49PM -0700, Marco Zehe wrote:
Hi Doug,
this is Marco from Germany. I just got into translating some of the
scripts I use like Skype and Teams, and began to translate them into
German. I didn't find a reference to an existing German translation, so
decided to start my own.
What would be the best way to distribute said translation once done, so
that many people can benefit from it? You mention that translators
should proide their translations on their own schedule, but don't
mention if there is a recommended way to do it. Is there?
If the answer to this is out of scope for this list, feel free to
message me privately.

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