JAWS Skype script revision 220 released, to fix issues in Skype 8.82

Doug Lee

As I mentioned in another thread on this list, Skype version 8.82 came out on Friday or so and broke a few
things in my scripts. Notable among these was the typing indicator sound, which began playing constantly in
all chat windows. I released a temporary fix yesterday (Saturday) but now have a full release for everyone.

Go to https://www.dlee.org/skype/#hist to read the release notes. The download link, as usual, is on the same
page. Note that this update should only be used if you are running Skype 8.82 or later. Running this updated
script revision with an older Skype version is likely to cause a few things not to work as expected.

One extra bit of good news: A few of you a while back reported that Alt+1 did not work to move to the
Conversations list when a group chat was in focus. This is because Alt+1 is a native Skype keystroke and it
did not work in that particular circumstance. In this revision 220 of the scripts, I finally scripted around
this so it does work in that case.

Happy Skyping.

Doug Lee dgl@... http://www.dlee.org
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