Skype 8.78 for Windows desktop, conversation list works better

Michele Barbi

Hi list, as in subject I noticed throug ninite that Skype 8.78 is now out, so I installed it by going to Skype website. Now the list of contacts and chat work better, you might encounter that during a call when pressing alt+numbers the situation is similar to what we had with, even in contact list right now, but now you only need to tab some times and you'll find the list ok.

For those having Skype for Windows store, I am not sure if the updates will really get late or what else, you can try to force the updates and you do that by going in the show more button, then choose download and updates in the menu, and hit the button which says recover updates. You will at that point get all the updates, again I can't guarantee that Skype will be updated but that's worth a try.



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