Re: skype scripts not working

Doug Lee

My exact version number, where Alt+1 works as expected, is

I just retested while making sure I'm using script revision 203. JAWS 2021. No problems. I'll probably get to a test under 2022 today or tomorrow.

Again though, Alt+1 is known to fail when a group chat is on screen, even under older Skype versions. That is on my list to examine. For now, I work around it by typing Ctrl+Tab until I have switched
to a non-group chat so that Alt+1 can work again.

On Tue, Oct 26, 2021 at 09:21:38PM +0200, Michele Barbi wrote:
Hi guys, yes I noticed that too but I didn't know about scripts revision 203,
so I was using 197, but I don't think I'll fix it by installing 203.

Doug, if you're using Skype 8.77, also verify the exact version number,
considering that with it worked ok, it began happening on
Effectively, when there aren't missed calls in reunion or something else, it
works ok. BTW, the alternative is to re-activate virtual cursor, and in this
case you don't need to route JAWS to pc.



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