Re: skype scripts not working

Doug Lee

This is most curious and a bit concerning. I have received one other report of the Alt+1 issue in Skype 8.77; but I recently installed 8.77 myself and I am not able to reproduce that issue. Alt+1 works
for me as long as there is not a group chat currently on screen.

I am using the default Skype view, where chats appear inside the main window. Let me know if you are trying to do this in split view where the chats are in separate windows. I don't know if Alt+1 ever
worked from a separate window to jump back to the main one.

On Tue, Oct 26, 2021 at 01:14:15PM -0500, Gary Jackson wrote:

skype was working fine a couple hours ago but now I can't get to recent
conversations. I'm using version and jaws 2021. The alt + 1
keystroke, for instance, does nothing. Any ideas?


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