Re: Skype scripts, some reports/questions that I have

Doug Lee

The balance command requires a new string to be translated; see skype_lang.xml.

I'll check the other items when time permits.

On Tue, Aug 03, 2021 at 06:23:26PM +0200, Michele Barbi wrote:
Hello guys, this is mostly for Doug but of course if others want to
share your experiences feel free to do so.

I am encountering something interesting, mostly long-standing issues,
and I don't know if they're language-dependent things or what else:
1. typing indicators don't work in split view, and like I was afraid,
revision 197 didn't fix that;
2. when pressing insert+h, it gives me the general Windows hotkeys
instead of Skype specific ones;
3. I tried the command for knowing my balance and it tells me "balance
not found". Note though that I once had it but I did not renew it
since a long time because I no longer use Skype audio calls, so
when I saw it it said €0,00.

By the way, our official italian scripts translator somehow disappeared
and I am no longer in touch with him...


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