Re: JAWS Skype script update, and next step plans

Doug Lee

I still use Skype, so I script for myself and share the results. Also, sometimes I do things based on
suggestions from other people who still use it.

On Sun, Aug 01, 2021 at 10:47:11PM +0100, João nuno antunes wrote:
but skype will be discontinued. why do you keep working on it?

Às 19:54 de 01/08/2021, Doug Lee escreveu:
I just released JAWS Skype script revision 197 at

This update just fixes a few chat handling issues and adds the key sequence [ B for reading the current Skype
Credit balance when available on screen. (Chat issues fixed include JAWS saying "Region" or "List item" and
failing to announce when crossing over a date.)

My plan for the next Skype release is worth mentioning ahead of time...

I plan to make my Skype scripts work with the Vispero scripts in your current JAWS version instead of
replacing them. This has several side effects:

1. The features supported will vary based on your JAWS version.

2. The minimum JAWS version I support will be JAWS 2018 instead of 17.0, because older JAWS versions supported
the obsolete Skype 7 application with scripts of the same name, and we don't want to run those with mine. :-)

3. Some of the features, and hopefully any new features Vispero adds, will start working whether you use my
scripts or not.

Again, the above list of effects should apply to my next release, not the release I posted today.

The reason I waited this long to do this is that it is difficult to support Vispero scripts without requiring
them, and I did not want to move the minimum JAWS version up too fast.

João Nuno Gaspar Mendão dos Santos Antunes

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