Re: Skype for iPhone, many tabs selected when they shouldn't

Sarah k Alawami

No, I have not seen this issue. I'll have to see if it happens to me and if so I will be trying to send them feedback. Have you tried restarting theephone, relaunching skype after a force quit, then reinstalling skype


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On 6 May 2021, at 5:59, Michele Barbi wrote:

Hi guys, I already tried to send an app feedback but apparently they did not consider it. Since many Skype versions on my iPhone I encounter an issue where apparently some tabs are reported as selected when they shouldn't. Practical example: by default the conversations tab is selected, I thenĀ  choose contacts one, and at this point both are selected untill I next start the app, or possibly I next sign in. Do you think it's an accessibility issue or what else? Did any of you encounter it as well?



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