Re: I think Skype is dead, daad, dead

Michele Barbi

Hello guys, starting from the end, as I said yesterday on my case sounds are effectively working, only thing that comes to my mind is that possibly the sound for an incoming message can be a little lower than the other ones, but I actually was having my headphones when I got them yesterday.

Talking about versions instead, they also launched 8.69 for a certain period but it apparently has been retired, at least for Windows. What I normally do instead is as follows: I consult for checking if there are updates of my program, and when I see one of Skype I immediately go to download the installer from its website. So, summarizing, here are my suppositions:

  1. the Skype autoupdater is not working, at least not for every user;-- 
  2. if you're using Skype for Windows 10 (formerly Skype uwp), chances are there is an issue in the Microsoft Store for Skype updates.
Inviato da Thunderbird su Windows 10

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