Re: I think Skype is dead, daad, dead

Bill White

Well, Lino. You are running Skype version 8.68, and I just yesterday to the Skype website, and updated to version 8.71. If you want to give up that easily, it's your choice. But I'd rather see them develop something that works, instead of developing something it will take them several builds to fix any bugs.

Bill White


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Subject: [skypeenglish] I think Skype is dead, daad, dead

Well like I said. I've not seen any new development of new versions of
Skype. Has anyone heard anything new from Microsloth? I'm running Skype
Indider builds and I'am at V 8.68. I'll give it till May 31 and if I
hear nothing I'm ditching Skype forever and lieaving this list. Nothing
against you guys of course. You all are good people.

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