Re: Skype 8.69, problem with the scripts

Doug Lee

I removed the Dropbox folders for translation work when I switched to the XML approach for localization. I am using the Desktop version rather than the Store version now so I will get updates sooner, but I don't install
updates except via Skype itself or via the official website. I actually prefer to use "Check for Updates" in Skype itself because I figure an update is most likely stable when it can be found there.

On Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 11:17:15PM +0100, Michele Barbi wrote:
Ah ok. I personally never wait for autoupdate, I always download the
installer, but of course that's a matter of personal use...

Do you still have our Dropbox ita folder? If so, I can share the installer for
you if needed.



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