Re: Skype 8.69, problem with the scripts

Doug Lee

I have not seen an update to Skype 8.69 yet. I have seen a similar issue twice, both times when there was a call involved; so I think the issue I saw is not actually the same. I am still running Skype 8.68.

On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 01:18:46PM +0100, Michele Barbi wrote:
Hi guys, this is especially for Doug, but if someone else fixed it someway in
his/her pc, please let us know.

I figured out that Skype 8.69 has now been released, but after updating I
realized that there is once again the issue which Doug already fixed via
scripting, where I need to use windows+arrows after minimizing Skype and going
back in. I am afraid that Skype/Microsoft changed something in the code.



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