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Stephen Troy

hi michelle

assuming skype is downloaded and in the list of programmes under the
windows key, here is one way of adding a shortcut to the desktop.

1. press windows key and arrow down once to come out of the search
box. first letter navigation doesn't work so arrow down to skype
folder collapsed and hit spacebar.
2. arrow once to skype and open context menu with shift f10.
3. arrow down to more and then to file location and open this.
4 wait a second and jaws will say skype checked, then open the context
menu again and press s.
5. jaws will say: windows can't create a shortcut here. do you want
the shortcut to be placed on the desktop instead?


On 06/02/2021, Michele Barbi <> wrote:
That would be a good alternative, if only I knew the current location
for Skype for Windows 10...

I personally use Skype for Windows desktop, so I don't have this problem
since the desktop icon is already there. We could also uninstall this
Skype and install the Windows desktop one, but we recently need to
change Skype account so we're afraid it can lose the login data.



Inviato da Thunderbird su Windows 10

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