Re: [skype English] Updating the situation of my friend

Sarah k Alawami

Ok, try this.

  1. don't select anything in the desktop then right click and empty area or hit shift f10.
  2. click create new,
  3. click shortcut.
  4. browse to where everything is.

follow the prompts afterwords.

If you don't find skype in the start menu, hit shift f10 and click create shortcut, then say yes to the prompt, it will create the desktop shortcut for you. Works for me every single time I have to do this.

On 5 Feb 2021, at 6:04, Michele Barbi wrote:

Hi guys, well I didn't imagine that applications key and shift+f10 could make any difference, I'll try this out but I sincerely doubt because I am no longer able to find it in my machine as well. I am afraid that's a matter of Windows 10 build.



Inviato da Thunderbird su Windows 10

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