Updating the situation of my friend

Michele Barbi

Hi guys,

I just ended a Tandem session with my friend about whom I talked some days ago. The scripts are now working perfectly, so apparently Doug had right in saying that restarting JAWS was sufficient. I also changed the Skype command key because in Italian we need the default key for a character, which we use for the verb corresponding to "is". The problem is that I was not able to follow the directions that Sarah gave me about adding the desktop icon, since on the context menu there's no "create shortcut" item. Two possible doubts that came to my mind. One is, I used applications instead of shift+f10; does it make any difference? Secondly, she apparently did not install programs like OpenShell, do you think it's necessary? I installed that utility on my machine, and effectively I could find "Create shortcut" option on another app.



Inviato da Thunderbird su Windows 10

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