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Luis Thorin

Hi Doug, how are you? This is Luis Thorin from Blind inc. I have been a
member of your page for a long time, and I need to make sure I am setting
everything up properly. I have done yearly backup and restoere and I need
to know how to verifyeverything is working with your scripts and then
there's the Microsoft scripts which I hope I am not using. How can I
re-install everything or check if everything is as it should be? Thank you.
I am living in Samos, Greece for the last 8 years. It is very nice here.
Please let me know if you are planning to come to Greece, and maybe we can
meet or talk. Have a great month. Luis

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I submitted first through Skype itself and then also through the feedback
portal on the Skype website. I did not use the Feedback Hub, both because
that looks like it's more for Windows ingeneral and because I am using an
offline Windows account on this computer.

On Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 08:05:52AM -0800, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
Have you submitted this via the feedback portal windows f as well? If
not, I would highly suggest doing this; as you will probably get
microsoft's attention better, and people can upvote it.


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On 27 Jan 2021, at 7:38, Doug Lee wrote:

Now and then over the last few months, I received reports from
people who suddenly got signed out of Skype and could not sign back
in. Invariably, the ultimate complaint was that Tab, Shift+Tab, and
pretty much every key on
the keyboard appeared to do nothing. Here I present some details and
sort of a workaround to the problem.

First, why are people being signed out?

I believe when you switch between two different clients on a single
machine, specifically between the Microsoft Store client and the
Desktop client, you are automatically signed out and must sign in
again. There may also be
cases where changing between Skype versions will cause this, though
that's a guess.

Why does the keyboard stop working?

When the sign-in screen first appears, it works fine. However, if
you mistype a password and sign-in fails, the next screen does not
work. Though I have not determined fully the reason for this, JAWS
becomes confused as to
what is in focus. There appear to be several subcases of this issue;
namely, first screen appearance, after Tab has been used in this
screen one or more times, after Alt+Tab has been used, and possibly
a fourth case after Tab
has been used subsequent to Alt+Tab. It looks possible (though
tricky) to script for this problem, but the problem absolutely
should be fixed in Skype itself and will be far more reliable when
fixed there.

Unfortunately, the only workaround I currently know is to shut down
Skype, such as with Ctrl+Q, bring it up again, and type very
carefully. :-) This works because the first sign-in screen to appear
works properly.

I just submitted via Feedback in Skype itself the following entry:

URGENT: Screen readers can't use the sign-in screen after the first
failed login attempt because they become confused on location of
focus. Steps to reproduce: Sign out, try sign-in with wrong
password, try to sign in again.
Workaround: Unload Skype with Ctrl+Q, relaunch, and make no mistakes
on first attempt.

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