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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Ken. When you get these unconfirmed downloads, you must go to your download area with CONTROL plus J, find the "Keep, and Keep Anyway" buttons and click them to keep the downloaded file.


Bill White



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Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2020 9:11 AM
Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] uable to update


That’s where I went it kept saying update unsuccessful clicking it over and over again and when I went to downloads unconfirmed I must have had 5 or 10 unconfirmed downloads.  Strange. 


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Thanks Sarah



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Try the skype official website? I don't have a link but if you go to and grab it from there you should be good to go. I can't help you with your other issue as that's OT.


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On 21 Dec 2020, at 15:48, ken lawrence via wrote:

Hi list having an awful day today.  First RS game won’t install and now skype won’t update.  It’s supposed to update itself but it hasn’t for months.  I can’t update to 8.6 when I try even in an incognito window download unsuccessful over and over again.  My computer is clear of viruses but it won’t download anything it seems what do I do is there any way to check for updates on the skype for desktop and get it that way. 


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