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Jerry Pryde

Hi all.

I think I just figured out something, and it might help a bit to understand the unwanted calls problem.

If memory serves, I think it was Steve:  there's a Skype number involved, much like a phone number complete with your area code.

Sounds like scammers somehow got that number, hence the calls; offers to do duct work, a fake problem with the IRS, or the CRA here in Canada.

If I'm right, the hang up command is your friend.


On 2020-09-29 11:45 p.m., Kimmie wrote:
Yep it is.

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Hi Sugar, I think latest version of Skype is 8.64...

Anyway, in order to see all your contacts, you should press shift+tab
from the contact list, when you hear "filter menu" press space on it,
and in the context menu choose "Show all my contacts". It tells you
inactive, you press enter to check it. I sincerely don't like this
approach though, because with Skype 8.x if all your contacts are active
the contacts are sorted in alphabetical order, so I decided to see only
visible contacts and I prefer it that way. I can't see away and dnd ones
though, but well I'm getting used to it.



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