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ken lawrence

Yeah it’s got to be settings somewhere.  The only issue I have like that is when I’m signed into the out of sight radio skype and that’s because we have a phone number connected to it for listener requests.  Sometimes telemarketer robocallers do call it or try to I have gotten em believe it or not during shows. 


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Actually, you might be the only one having that issue, I don't have it because I have my thing set to contacts only. Again, if you are having the issue and no one else is, look at what the differences might be when troubleshooting.


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On 29 Sep 2020, at 2:41, Stephen Troy wrote:


thanks for the input guys. i'm amazed that Microsoft haven't found
away for users of one of their products to protect themselves from
unwanted calls from complete strangers.

I doubt zoom users have the same issue!!!



On 29/09/2020, Michele Barbi barbi.michele@... wrote:

Guys I am afraid SkypeMe mode has been gone since a long time, I don't
know for sure if they put it back but I don't think.



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