Re: maybe someone on this list knows

Larry Gassman

If you have multiple sound cards, your settings in zoom may be pointing to the wrong sound card.
This has happened many times to me, especially after a windows update when the sound cards get switched back to defaults, by windows and I am left with no speech.
Also double check all mute buttons especially after windows updates.
If you only have one sound card, then you can probably delete my message.

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You might need to find the mute/unmute button with the tab.

On 2020-09-16 1:55 a.m., Steve Gladstone wrote:
My Skype program works well, but when I join a Zoom meeting, I can be
seen and heard by the participants, but I cannot hear anything myself.
Does anyone have a clue why I can't hear anyone while I'm attending a
Zoom meeting?
A little off-topic but I figure some on this list are Zoomers as well
and this one has got me stumped.
Any help is appreciated.

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