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Doug Lee

Ah, "rumor" is what I called it because I only heard one report and not from a Skype author; no disrespect meant.

In any case, see my next announcement; there is now a solution in place for JAWS users...

On Tue, Aug 11, 2020 at 07:26:29AM +0500, inam din wrote:
Respected Doug, its not rumor it is hard fact.

I myself have installed and tested Skype 8.64 and I found the same

With regards from Inamuddin with the Skype ID:


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Frequently discussed in various places nowadays, and it's a change in
Skype 8.63 and is not due to Windows 10 2004. The workarounds are to
tap Alt twice, tap Alt and then Esc, or use Windows+DownArrow followed

Windows+UpArrow whenever this happens. Microsoft Teams suffered a
similar misfortune within the last few months. That one was fixed
within Teams itself, and I expect the same will happen to Skype;
however, rumor has it that

this issue is not fixed in the beta of Skype 8.64. Because of this, I
recently urged participants of this group to send feedback to Microsoft
about it, via the "Report a Problem" option within the Skype app's Help

On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 06:45:15PM -0400, Geno Stone wrote:

So, did the 2004 windows ten up-date.. No issues using the latest of

Jaws release with Skype and the Scripts.. Then  3 or 4  days ago a

Accumulative 2004 up date and did and no issues, Except and not sure

the latest Skype release which I did too, or the Accumulative 2004..

Yet opening skype and if a restart fine for a bit and left open this

covering over top of the Skype screen, Chrome Legacy Windows.. Canât

a darn thing.. My son sighted says he sees nothing and Jaws does..

doing research on Google Chrome.. they noted and yet we donât see

to remove this so I can get back to using Skype.. Anyone had this


Geno in Portland, Maine..



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have a question, Chrome Legacy Windows (Charm)

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