Re: I have a question, Chrome Legacy Windows (Charm)

Sarah k Alawami

Hello. I suggest you search the group's topics page, click the search button and type something like what you are looking for.

hope that helps a bit. This was discussed recently, not a few days ago.


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On 10 Aug 2020, at 15:45, Geno Stone wrote:

So, did the 2004 windows ten up-date.. No issues using the latest of Jaws release with Skype and the Scripts.. Then  3 or 4  days ago a Accumulative 2004 up date and did and no issues, Except and not sure the latest Skype release which I did too, or the Accumulative 2004.. Yet opening skype and if a restart fine for a bit and left open this covering over top of the Skype screen, Chrome Legacy Windows.. Can’t do a darn thing.. My son sighted says he sees nothing and Jaws does.. doing research on Google Chrome.. they noted and yet we don’t see how to remove this so I can get back to using Skype.. Anyone had this issue?

Geno in Portland, Maine..

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