Re: problem with jaws 2020 and skype 8.63

Doug Lee

On hearing this morning that Skype 8.64, apparently in beta, also exhibits this issue, I filed the following comment for Microsoft via the "Report a Problem" item in the Skype Help menu; and I invite others to remark
similarly from their own Skype instances, so that Microsoft hears a chorus of voices and not just one:

Skype 8.63 and apparently the beta 8.64: After a call and after the Skype window is minimized, focusing it while running a screen reader such as JAWS does not work well. We hear "Chrome Legacy Window" and cannot navigate or
read. Tapping Alt twice, or Alt then Esc, or Windows+Down then Windows+Up revives the Skype window for use. See also a similar problem that appeared and was fixed in Teams 1.3 within the last few months. This is a serious
disruption for blind Skype users.

On Thu, Aug 06, 2020 at 09:22:39AM +0100, Stephen Troy wrote:
hi all

apologies if this has been discussed but I don't see it.

not only do I get the chrome legacy repeat message, even though i'm
running IE,skype commands do not work at all until I press the alt
key. all is well then for a while but if I don't use skype for several
minutes I have to press the alt key again.

Doug Lee
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