Re: problem with jaws 2020 and skype 8.63

Sarah k Alawami

Has anyone reported this to skype and the screen reader makers if at all possible. Where is the problem exactly, or is this the case of both?

On 6 Aug 2020, at 17:06, inamuddin khan wrote:

In fact there are 3 solutions of this problem.

Alt functionality, Windows up/down errow  and restarting your screen reader whatever screen reader you are using!

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From: Michele Barbi
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Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] problem with jaws 2020 and skype 8.63


Hi guys, I just tested the alt functionality that Stephen suggested in

order to fix the problems with Skype. Basically it works just fine,

beware though that you'll open the menu bar, so you should press it once

again or esc to close it and go back to the Skype main window.







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