Re: trouble during instalation "revision 174"

Doug Lee

Compare your ConfigNames.ini section against the skype_directives.txt file that now comes with the scripts, to make sure the entries in the directives file are also in the appropriate section of your ConfigNames.ini file.
If you make any ConfigNames changes, restart JAWS to test them.

If that doesn't work, do the same with the slman_directives.txt file. That file is not in the released SLMan though, so I'll include it below. For Skype, the most important entry from that one should be Index.html=slman;
but check all four entries.

If even that doesn't work, though admittedly I doubt this will help, try the updated but not yet released SLMan installer at

Here is the SLMan directives file:

# Script Load Manager - directives file.
# Consult for information on how to apply this file during a manual script installation.
.jawsminver 17.0
.ini ConfigNames.ini

On Wed, Jul 01, 2020 at 04:38:55PM +0700, Алик Гаджимурадов wrote:
Hello all.
I cannot install revision 174 on jaws 2019.
When after installing the scripts and rebooting jaws, I press Ins + Q
in the Skype window, jaws announces google Chrome.
Previously, the "Scripts load manager" fixed the problem, but now it
hasnât helped.
Previous versions of scripts I installed manually. Now I have deleted
all Skype script-related files from the Jaws user settings folder and
launched the installer, but after installation, jaws does not recognize
the scripts.
Installing Slman through its installer also did not change the
Please tell me, what else I can try.
Best regards,


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