Re: Revision 174 of JAWS Skype scripts released, to address six issues

Jerry Pryde


I'm having trouble downloading the scripts.

I get a message saying this software might harm my computer, and I'm trying to find the button that says run anyway.

On 2020-06-30 11:44 a.m., Doug Lee wrote:
Yes, the subject says "six issues." Read release notes at and download scripts from the download link earlier in that same document.

The main issue fixed here is of course the repeating "Skype" issue when you Alt+Tab into Skype. Curiously, that issue (as I said here last night) actually resulted from my rename of the script files; but I fixed it without
changing file names again. Other issues are documented in the release notes.

Installation: If you did not install revision 173, follow the directions on that web page for installing 173 when you install revision 174.
If you did install revision 173, just run the 174 installer and let it handle the details.

Finally, an apology: As I mentioned yesterday on this list, I did notice the repetition yesterday morning while starting this update. However, repetition does not usually bother me to the extent that incorrect or missing
information does; I guess I'm sort of used to tuning it out. As a result, the issue did not register on my radar as sufficient to stop the release; and amid all the details of updating JAWS scripts, NVDA add-on code,
documentation, mailing lists, Twitter, Telegram, etc., I rather forgot about the issue until Gary mentioned it here. I have since noticed that a number of folk are severely bothered by repetitions of this sort.

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