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Doug Lee

By now I have a diagnosis but not a solution. Short version: The problem resulted from my renaming skypeelectron.jsb to skype.jsb for some reason. If I rename it back and change ConfigNames.ini accordingly, the problem
goes away.

Longer explanation: JAWS normally reads the names of the various controls that contain the focused control when you Alt+Tab into an application. Skype has no less than three container controls named Skype. The repetitions
are just JAWS dutifully reading them all one at a time.

The JAWS scripts for Skype that come with JAWS include code to avoid much of this repetition. My scripts also include code to avoid it, but it's not the same code. In current Skype versions, the JAWS code works better than mine.

I believe that, when the files were named skypeelectron instead of just Skype, the JAWS scripts for Skype that came with JAWS briefly loaded before mine did. The result was that the JAWS code fixed the repetition problem
during the very brief moment it was running. Of course I didn't know this was happening, so I assumed my method of fixing the problem was still working.
I could be wrong about the stock scripts briefly running, but it explains why things work if I rename my scripts again.

I will need to update how I handle the repetition when it is caused by JAWS reading legitimate control names on Skype focus.

On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 09:16:57AM +0200, Michele Barbi wrote:
Effectively, I also put scripts for Skype revision 173 and figured out
that it repeats Skype four or five times when I go there especially
with alt+tab.

Gary, I think number 1 means that you have an unread chat message.


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