Re: Are there some updated contacts for Skype dev team?

Octavian Rasnita

Hi Sarah,
Here are 4 suggestions I found in the mailing list archive (that were made when somebody else had problems with Skype 8:)
From: Sarah k Alawami
The point is, that we are seeing way too much talk and no action
. Someone does not like something and they just complain instead of hitting windows f and submitting feedback on said app(s) Microsoft does in fact listen. I am an insider and have ben for about a year on 1 of their platforms and they do listen. They have fixed several bugs on skype for xbox and windows and mac. So, get that feedback in instead of just wishing for somethingn to happen. If you don't like it, there's the door, and you can uninstall skype off of your system, and find somethingn that is better such as facebook or zoom for that matter, but put your energy to constructive feedback stacks reports, diag logs etc.
From: Sarah k Alawami
Then sit down, write your feedback to skype directly and not here. We have already heard it. If you you don't like it there is always zoom or the delete key. You tend to sound like a broken record and we are starting to not like it. You in this case and on this list are the minority as you are I hink the only one who is hating skype and its new ways. Either get used to it, get left behind, or leave. I'm speaking as a list member, not a mod.
Sarah k Alawami wrote:
Actually all of them are advantages. I don't like when people, and I've heard this on twitter, not this list, say that skype 8 is inaccessible because it's too hard to use. Not enough people are giving this a chance in my humble opinion. I've ben sing it since prabably October off and on and it has come a long long way. It is faster than 7, easier than 7, and yeah, just works.
From: Shaun Oliver
Whenever I see an email from you regarding Skype, it is a never ending litany of charges against it's ease of use, that it's worse than what you had, it's less accessible, it's less efficient, it's this, it's that, or it's the other.
We've heard every single complaint you've raised before, and reitterating them here, is not going to change what currently is. If you feel that strongly about it, contact the MS Disability Access Desk and kindly present them with your arguments.

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I really don't know of any, the forum changed several years ago and became an accessibility nightmare to use, Don't call the disability desk as they won't know what you are talking about in regard to skype. And a lot more disappointing experiences.

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On 12 Jun 2020, at 11:57, Michele Barbi wrote:

Hi guys,

I'd like to contact Skype support for a thing that I am encountering because I think it's a bug, but anyway if you figured out something feel free to answer. Basically, yesterday I manually updated Skype to version 8.61 as soon as it went out, and I figured out that hotkeys mostly don't work, such as alt+numbers for going in to the various Skype parts, or ctrl+shift+p to start an audio call. I only manage to go to the contacts tab with alt+2, but then nothing works. So I'd like to contact Skype support and wanted to know how should I do for it right now.



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