round and round I go on skype can anyone help

ken lawrence

Hi skype users ken here I’m trying to add the radio station skype to my contacts.  I searched by email address it says one item found but I can’t see it I keep tabbing aound and keep running into mood message, start a conversation my profile select profile picture round and round and round I go.  So where is the one item found.  I just now tested to see if maybe I am stuck in focus mode on NVDA but apparently not.  There is know new skype extention with NVDA since it updated so basicly I’m flying blind. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong.  I can’t add with a skype name I get three different options and I ca’t tell which one is the updated skype account.  Also for some reason skype won’t even recognize our new account it keeps saying no such thing.  I have to log into our station skype with the email address.  Anything I’m doing wrong? 


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