Re: problems with version 8.59

Michele Barbi

Guys I am afraid there are two different problems. I found out a similar issue to what Chela is saying, meaning a sort of memory leak, with a friend using NVDA. BTW, I think I posted here about this issue, but then he told me that it fixed by itself in a couple of days.

About incorrect sign ins instead, I sometimes had these kinds of issues, latest one I think it was yesterday or sunday night. I do my radio program Rock the weekend on a dominican webradio, and so when I am onair saturday and sunday night I sign in to the radio account, and then I'll go again in my personal one after program. Doing this, I sometimes write password incorrectly without realizing, so I cannot see contacts online; when I quit and restart Skype though, I foind the window with a button that says, for instance, "Sign in as Radio espacial", like it happened latest time. If I already did program and should go back to my personal account, I then use the "Sign in with another account" button and put my login data.



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