Re: problems with version 8.59

Stephen Troy

hi doug

thanks for the quick response.

nothing works to maximise/minimize.

however, not sure if chela is getting the same, when I press win b and
tap on notification button, it says skype minus signed out.

if I have the login details incorrect, which is highly unlikely as
I've never changed it, then skype isn't giving any notification at all
that the username or PW is incorrect or giving the option to try

we simply have silence!!

On 20/04/2020, Doug Lee <dgl@...> wrote:
I'm not seeing Skype 8.59 in the Check for Updates for 8.58 yet, but I know
that a few people have grabbed it directly from the Skype website.

Try toggling the restored/maximized state of the window and let me know if
that helps. This is a test for an issue seen in Teams; I want to know if it
is starting to apply to other Electron apps.

On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 12:14:42PM +0100, Stephen Troy wrote:
hi doug and all

apologies for retracing recent steps but I i'm unable to find a
response to the below issue.

i'm running skype 8.59, script version 149, latest build of jaws and win10.

when skype is open, I get absolutely no response from anything,
including jaws, other than pressing the alt key and that only gives
me very limited access to the calls and view menus. oh, I can see quit
under the file option, so I guess i'm logged in!!

any advice is gratefully received

many thanks in advance


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