Re: problems with version 8.59

Doug Lee

I'm not seeing Skype 8.59 in the Check for Updates for 8.58 yet, but I know that a few people have grabbed it directly from the Skype website.

Try toggling the restored/maximized state of the window and let me know if that helps. This is a test for an issue seen in Teams; I want to know if it is starting to apply to other Electron apps.

On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 12:14:42PM +0100, Stephen Troy wrote:
hi doug and all

apologies for retracing recent steps but I i'm unable to find a
response to the below issue.

i'm running skype 8.59, script version 149, latest build of jaws and win10.

when skype is open, I get absolutely no response from anything,
including jaws, other than pressing the alt key and that only gives
me very limited access to the calls and view menus. oh, I can see quit
under the file option, so I guess i'm logged in!!

any advice is gratefully received

many thanks in advance


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