Skype blocks with NVDA

Michele Barbi

Hi guys,

a friend of mine is having a problem with latest version of Skype using NVDA. He called me saying that with tab he was unable to manage anything, and on an NVDA Remote session I discovered that Skype is really blocked. I figured out that he had an old version of Skype addon for NVDA and this was incompatible with NVDA 2019.3, so I updated it; I also discovered that he has 73 unread conversations, and that he needs to install authomatic Windows update, though they're already downloaded and so the system asks for be restarted. Do you think that  one of the two could be the problem? If it's the unread conversations, I am afraid he will need to close his screen reader and search for sighted assistance in order to mark them as unread...



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